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Talk for School of Kabbalah 2017

For those that are interested in joining this year’s School I will be doing a Free Talk on the following:-

  1. What is the Kabbalah
  2. History of the Kabbalah and the Oral Tradition
  3. The Tarot emerges
  4. The Golden Dawn and Dion Fortune
  5. What does a Kabbalah group do?
    • Accelerate ones spiritual growth
    • Explore the Tree of Life its symbols and meanings
    • Create a Tree of Life in the group work space
    • Interact with the 4 worlds
  6. Tarot cards
    • The path home and a path to Enlightenment
    • Minor Arcana. The path to the Major Arcana
    • Major Arcana. Path over many lifetimes.

Date: 18th February

Time: 1:30pm

Where: Qi Crystals