The Path to Light

The Path to The Light.

And so it is over the ages, those that need to find the Truth will!

“The proper placing of the Tarot Fool is the great crux of every attempt-and there are several-to create a correspondence between the Trumps Major and the Hebrew Letters. If it be worthwhile to say so, the correct sequence, which emerges from unexpected considerations, has NEVER APPEARED IN PRINT, and it is not to be confused with a Victorian allocation now well known, but which used to be regarded as important”. (AE Waite 1923. Book of Formation. It is here that AE Waite reveals that the real meanings to the Tarot Cards were never written down, not even in the booklet so greedily read by would be, so called readers, has any of The Truth in it whatsoever).
The Path to Light


Pillar Of Power Pillar of Balance Pillar of Compassion
Judgement Death The world
The Tower Temperamence The Sun
The Devil The Wheel of Fortune Strength
The Hierophant The Chariot The Moon
Justice The Lovers The High Priestess
The Hermit The Magician The Hanged Man
The Emperor The Minors The Empress
The Unawakened

The Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn ended in 1923 and so with it much knowledge. Like the passing of the Great Library so it was with the knowledge acquired during those 33 years. As AE Waite has shown what was written down was not the real Tarot but the gypsy version as done by those wandering people since the 1600’s. And so those who learn the Tarot from books have fallen into the classic Kabbalistic trap for those with Egos and who want power more than anything.

“Only a few will find their way here an so it is with all great esoteric secrets that the best way is to hide it in plain site. That way those that are ready will find, those that seek out the path will be rewarded and when the student is ready the Teacher will appear”.